My son’s interactive bedroom mural

full bedroom mural

I painted this when my son was born.  We wanted something to keep him occupied while he lay in his cot and felt the natural world was a positive image for him to look at.   I used mostly old paints we had around the house and some reclaimed paint from the local recycling centre.  I wanted to paint dark storm-clouds over the mountain, but my son’s Mum objected so we compromised with clouds that looked a bit rainy.

When thinking about what animals or creatures to paint on, it came to me that it would be good to have some fluidity in the picture, so I decided to make them movable.

The animals are laminated and attached to the wall using velcro stickers. We use this for a more interactive and dynamic way of telling stories than just using books at bedtime. My son loves it.


Some of the creatures are real and some are fictional.


A cross section of the mural


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